Dethklok Build Log – Phase 3

I’m realizing how much I’ve bitten off with this monolithic synth project of mine, I’m not getting to spend much time on it but I’m slowly ticking away at it.

I had some problems getting everything up and going but after I tracked down a reversed capacitor in the PSU section I’m underway!

Next up I’m going to build a better case for it so I can start calibrating oscillators and making sure that I’m not getting any interference from the PSU, right now it’s all a bit spread out and unwieldy so some more tidy wiring is in order.


Hopefully the next update might actually include SOME SOUND! You just never know.

Deathklok Build Log – Phase 2

So it’s been a LONG time since I did any work on my modular synth project but I’m finally making progress again. I had fully designed up a panel in illustrator to get laser cut or CNC’d and printed but I’ve decided to go a little more lofi and upcyclce a dead G5 case I got from work. Half the reason I went DIY in the first place was to get cool toys for less money (ok so for the most part it doesn’t actually work like that) so re-using something and drilling the panel by hand means that I can keep moving with the project without having to spend any more on it.

It came out pretty good, the holes are a bit crooked in places despite my best efforts so mark and stamp them straight. I think next time I’ll bother to go visit someone with a drill press, the hand held is just way to unpredictable. But overall I’m happy, it’s starting to look like what I had in mind when I started.

I watched some very nerdy but quite helpful tutorials from Ray Wilson of as this was my first time metal working.

Progress is being made.  Hopefully soon I’ll actually get it to make noise =)

New Project : Circuit Bending the Casio VL-Tone

I’ve had an old Casio VL-Tone battery powered keyboard/synth/calculator sitting in a box in my garage for a long time and I’ve always meant to do something with it.

Found this video today and it makes me think there is hope my my VL tone yet…
I’ll put it on the project list, between my Deathklok modular synth , the meeblip open source synth I’ve got on order and the arduinome case I’m going top rebuild I’ve got a few things piling up.

Modular Synth Case Designs

I’m getting really close to getting the front panel for my modular synth made so that I can start assembling.  Since I started this project I’ve been thinking a lot about how I might actually want my rig to look once I’ve built a bit more gear for it so I’ve been researching buclha style fold up cases.

Deathklok was intended as the starting point for my modular synth DIY, it’s 6 U and pretty much contains everything you need for a basic system.  In hind sight I think I’d have been better off to pick a case and few modules as my starting point as fitting the 6U Deathklok design into this kind of folding case will be a challenge.  I’m either going to have to build a REALLY big folding case or build Deathklok into a more standard case and then start constructing this kind of portable rig separately.  Good food for thought regardless.


Images courtesy of some amazing work on the muffwiggler forums, sorry forgot to keep track of where these came from so can’t post links.

Deathklok Modular DIY Synth : initial panel designs

I’ve been working on building myself a new synth.  I’ve been slightly obsessed with modular synths for the last couple of years but have never quite got the cash together to plonk down on a deopfer A100 or similar beast.
I’m basing it on the ASM-2 PCB from Ebly Designs in Australia.  It’s called the Dethklok and is a 6u 19inch rack mount design kind of along the lines of the euro rack designs.

I’ll post more progress as I get it together, the front panel design I’m shooting for is below.

add some more pics of the build soon.

DeathKlok Buildlog – Phase 1

A quick video of the rig in action, Arduinome 128, Vestax VCI-300, Custom Ekadek Fenkner 7000.  And of course, Rhythm and Sound.


Meganome Meters of Destruction from Dylan Wood on Vimeo.

I’m also well into my next build project, the Dethklok.  It’s an ASM-2 based analog modular synth that I’m building.  I’ve got a few more parts to get from the states, a front panel to get and then I’m nearly lined up to get this thing put together. The last few nights have been spent soldering up the PCB which has been a fairly epic mission, SO many little components to place and solder, I must be a few 1000 solder joints in by now.  Joy!  I’ve still got all the IC’s to insert too.

I’ve spent the last few nights in the shed listening to tunes and soldering this beast together, below are a few pics of progress.